Lighting beyond limits



    Introducing Phase 3 Fixtures

Providing more choices and versatility:

-  our fixtures are designed using FLIR thermal imaging cameras and a flow bench for the most effective cooling design

-  the light fixtures are equipped with multiple, redundant fans

-  new 'Max' style facetted reflectors for soft light with our standard mirrored reflectors for hard light and good shadow qualities

- the new reflectors are incorporated with a quick change design

-  9k, 12k, 18k versions with high speed ballasts 300/1000Hz

-  choice of 5 optical options:

    spot, medium, wide, ultra-wide lens and open face (no lens)

- we use Wolfram True-arc bulbs for the most accurate colour temperature

- we prefer Rosco gels for their durability

- designed and fabricated in our shop in North Vancouver

New Designs