Remote Units

-  130 ft crane with onboard generator

-  6 x 18 kW HMI Electronic, 6 x 12 kW HMI Electronic, 6 x 12 kW Tungsten (incandescent) or a Hybrid combination of HMI and Tungsten

-  light fixtures are custom built single ended pars, for maximum output

-  all fixture movements, including spot and flood, are controlled by wireless remote or by hardwire from truck

-  the light fixtures are individually gelled and a selection of lenses is included

-  the light fixtures are infinitely adjustable, with a full range focus from spot to flood, 4 lens choices or no lens, open face option & individual dimmers on both Tungsten and HMI

-  30 min rig or strike, quick moves, one man operation

-  multi direction lighting with even spread or square them up like a panel light

  Our newest remote system has the latest design features which allow 180º  lamp array rotation at ANY boom angle.

  The array is able to backpan to square up with the target after rotating the main boom, which has 360º rotation. This feature allows the individual lamp fixtures to retain full independent movement.

-  Our wireless system allows you to take the handheld controller to the set for quick communication free adjustments, for example with a light meter in one hand you can spot or flood each lamp individually, or all at the same time.

-  If you prefer, you can radio the Starlite operator and he can perform the same functions from the truck with the hardwired controls.

-  The wireless system is a radio remote control that has a military grade "spread spectrum" transceiver with a mil. spec number and can be used at airports with no interference of local signals.