Crane with Platform


     -135 feet high, 1500 Amps, 175 kW onboard generator

     -Platform capable of mounting 6 x nine lights, 2 x 36 dinos,

     3 x 24 dinos, or 5 x 18Ks

     -can be used as a camera platform, will accommodate 4 people plus camera

     -1000 lbs. load capacity (28 Ton capacity crane)

     Starlite platform rotate 180ยบ

     -onbord generator enables quick moves while rigged and smallest

     location footprint

     -Starlite plaforms have many amenities:

        *Boom tip windspeed indicator

        *Protective weather cover

        *Fire extinguisher as well as many specialized options,

         custom swiveling light mounts on bearings built-in

     -Lamp Technician from production required

     -Driver / Operator (1 man) provided to run crane, 10 h min.

     -Call for daily or weekly rates