Starlite crane provides productions with  high efficiency mobile aerial lighting systems

Starlite cranes are custom built for TV, Film and Event Lighting

We provide unique choices of crane rental options:

The  Robotic cranes, also called Six-Packs, are self-contained units with light fixtures that are permanently mounted on a 130' crane with an onboard generator. The robotic fixtures are remotley controlled from the ground. The fixtures can be bulbed with HMI, Tungsten or a Hybrid combination.

  The following configurations are available:

    6 x 18kW HMI Electronic

    6 x 12 kW HMI Electronic

    6 x 12 kW Tungsten (incandescent)

    Hybrid combination of HMI/Tungsten bulbs.

  A robotic head crane is highly cost-efficient option for a busy production, since it ia a one-man operation with a 30 min rig or strike



  The platform cranes, also called basket cranes, have a custom built man basket and an onboard 1500 Amp, 175kW generator. The production can provide their lights or choose from a variety of lights we can provide to be mounted on the basket.

  Starlite can provide your production with our ultra-light Dinos. Best of all, the lights arrive with the crane; no need to spend extra resources on pick-up, drop-off and storage of lights. The production provides the lamp operator.

We use the heaviest hydraulic telescoping cranes in the industry, a 28 ton capacity that enables the lowest boom angles and the most reach in daylight fill setups.

Our custom designed lighting platforms can rotate 360º at ANY boom angle.

Our newest remote system has the latest design which allows 180º  lamp "array" rotation at ANY boom angle.

The array has 180º rotation and is able to back-pan to square up with the target after rotating the main boom, which has 360 rotation.

All our drivers/operators have the legally required B.C. government crane certification for stiff boom cranes up to 40 tons capacity.

Truck dimensions :

height                                  13.5 feet

length                                  38 feet

width when traveling        8.6 feet

weight                                 55,000 lbs.

front axle weight              18,000 lbs.

rear axle weight                37,000 lbs.